Mission Statement

Our mission is to help U.S veterans suffering from PTSD return to the life they had before their service, through the use of highly-trained service dogs provided free of charge.


We are a 501(c)3 charity of experienced animal trainers at pet, therapy and service levels. Our goal is to provide therapy services for the entire community with safe, healthy and fully-trained animals. In order to provide these services, it is essential to spend thousands of hours caring and training these animals. Our new PTSD Service Dog Training Program is pioneering training techniques without kennels in pursuit of our goal of providing 500 well-trained service dogs per year for veterans in need.

Over the years we realized that there’s a dearth of information available for the proper care and training of service animals. And the advice on training that does exist is often conflicting, ineffective, and even harmful to the animals it is meant to serve. For this reason it is essential that our foundation constantly evaluates these various techniques in order to develop a set of “best practices” for care and training of therapy and service animals. There is a a particularly urgent need for this in the therapy miniature horse world, where much of the advice on feeding and care is based on a scaled-down version of large-horse practices and often proves to be dangerously unhealthy for miniature horses.